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Projects with amazing clients

My passion for visual storytelling and communication has lead me to have extensive experience in graphic design, the animation industry, commercial illustration and children's book illustration and design.
I feel incredibly honoured to have worked along side some of Australia's best designers and
over the years. I use my vast and varied experiences to create quality work for dream clients.
I love bringing my clients visions into reality - illustrating and designing their books, branding, brochures, posters, social media posts, editorial content, digital and print newsletters, and any other brilliant ideas to get their messages across to their target audiences.

Here are some recent design + illustration projects.
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for Pure Heart Wellbeing.

An underwater themed abstract adult mindfulness journal.


In this case the amazing client requested each page have a different feel to allow the reader to choose a page randomly that they connected to at that moment, rather than a follow the usual standard uniformed book design where each page needs to directly relate to the one previous.

Having worked with Sheryl from Pure Heart Wellbeing on my own mindfulness journey, I allowed myself creative freedom while developing these 160 pages of illustrations and design.


Hand drawn illustrations, watercolour painted images mixed with digital exploration and composition.

Coming soon! Another exciting mindfulness project with Sheryl from Pure Heart Wellbeing.... Stay tuned!

For purchase enquires and stockist visit

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Ocean Warriors - The Rise of Robo-Shark

for Storytorch Press.

Middle grade fiction novel, cover illustration and design interior.


This amazing client, Sam from Storytorch Press, gave me the
super duper manuscript by
Candice Lemon - 

Brief included cover illustration and design as well as typesetting and design for interiors.

I am so grateful to be a part of kidlit in Australia, I have now completed a number of picture books and middle grade fictions books (typesetting + cover design) and can't wait to explore this collaboration through more brilliant manuscripts over the coming months.

Go to

to see their full list including Naturopolis (pictured) written by and illustrated by

This cover included extensive spot UV, and embossing layers which took a lot of work, but the final product was amazing!

This amazing client Ellie Royce Author, is an internationally 

published award winning 

multi passionate story catcher, storyteller and all 'round
wordy wordsmith.

I have had the privilege of working with Ellie on a number of projects over the last few years, including and not limited to workshop promotions, logo and branding design, podcast art, illustration, book cover design and typesetting including Illustration and design for Avery's Hat-tastic adventures - How does a hat save the day?

You can find Ellie's latest children's picture books, podcasts and other publishing info at

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Since 2018 I have worked on staff as
a part of the Marketing and Communications team for Sawtell Catholic Care, working with management to re define their branding and designing everything from business cards and stationary, to advertising, brochures, posters, signage, door decals, and merchandise, monthly resident newsletters, quarterly staff newsletters,
the SCC website and email newsletters, drinking fountains, billboards and more...

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