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How can great design + illustration help your business?

Engaging visual communication to tell or support your story sparks emotion in your audience. It’s that emotion that inspires trust and loyalty.

I have over 18 years experience in graphic design, illustration and the animation industry. 

I believe in the power of illustrations to enhance amazing stories. 
I understand the impact of clear branding, great design composition, colour usage and clear impactful typography.
DO judge a book by its cover (and title pages, font choices, composition and colour themes).

Read on for 4 simple
 Flo + Ebb tips for impactful visual communication.
You can see more of my recent collaborations here.




Cognitive Attraction


Our brains love images.
You might already know that humans process visual imagery around 60,000 times faster than text. We are always on the lookout for visuals because they generate emotions, and emotions create a deep connection.

Flo + Ebb Tip #1

Add intent and emotion into illustrations and images that represent your brand, your story, or the mood you are trying to convey through subject matter, lighting, colour and composition.

Flo + Ebb Services include

Book cover design and illustration.

Book interior illustration + design.

Graphic design for digital and print media.

Brand development.




Visual Connection

We are visual creatures.

A large percentage of the human brain actually dedicates itself to visual processing.

Images can convey a message quickly.


Flo + Ebb Tip #2


Add illustration and imagery to convey your message fast. This supports your content and ensures a greater opportunity to connect with your audience.

Flo + Ebb Services include

Editorial illustration.

Graphic design services for digital and print including brochures, posters, stationary.

infographics flo and edd design






They (who's they?) say you have about
3 seconds to attract, and capture your audiences attention.

In a world where we are bombarded by stimuli, we often seek the easiest way of acquiring information. Images, Logos, Info Graphics and illustrations can allow the brain to soak in complex information quickly.


Flo + Ebb Tip #3


When using visual communication 'show' your stories message through consistent colour, design, typefaces and imagery across all of your output channels. Consistent branding assists you to build up trust and extend engagement with your audience.

Flo + Ebb Services include

Graphic design for digital and print media.

Info graphics for data visualisation.

Simplified digital illustration for clear imagery relating to data.

Logo design and brand development.





your story

When we are being told a story, things change dramatically in our brains. Not only are the language processing parts in our brain activated, but any other area in our brain that we would use when experiencing the events of the story are too.


Flo + Ebb Tip #4


Visually communicating through design imagery and illustration, supports creating neural pathways in the brain. This can help your audience recall your message allow a deeper connection with your story or brand.

Flo + Ebb Services include

Graphic design for digital and print media.

Brand development - colour themes, typography, design and consistent content.

Editorial illustration.

Book cover design and illustration.

Book interior illustration + design.

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